Graduate Student


Natalie Schibrowsky

I am currently a first year Ph.D. student in the Biochemistry and Molecular & Structural Biology program within the Chemistry and Biochemistry department. I obtained my Bachelors of Sciences in Biochemistry and Minor in Business & Global Entrepreneurship at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where I completed a Department Honors Thesis on Timmiella crassinervis desiccation tolerance factors. During my undergraduate, I also conducted research on understanding the effects of metalloproteins during cancer metastasis and using this data to design and test drug treatments. After this, I pursued my Masters of Chemical Sciences in Biological Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. My research focused on understanding the interaction between metals and kinases within a canonical cancer-prone pathway. Currently, I am working on understanding protein crystallography more by studying macromolecular assemblies that naturally crystallize to see what causes these assemblies and probe what factors are crucial in causing these crystalline protein forms.